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Our papillons are first and foremost, valued members of our family. Our dogs truly are big dogs, in a small dog‘s body, up for anything and everything you want out of a dog. Weather it’s a weekend hiking buddy, a sport dog, or a great family pet our papillons can be the perfect fit for your family. We are a small scale breeder with 1-3 litters a year prioritizing in preserving the papillon breed and showcasing the skills of our dogs through a variety of sports and venues. We take pride in our breeding practices and are a member of the Papillon Club of America and the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T Program.


Our dogs participate in both Toss and Fetch and UpDog frisbee organizations.


Journey currently competes in AKC and UKI agility

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a sport that works off a dog’s natural instinct to find an alert to rats, simulating a ratting dog in a farm or working environment. All of our dogs immediately took to this sport with strong instincts and high prey drive.


FastCAT is a sport that times the dogs chasing and hunting capabilities with a timed 100 yard dash. They are then ranked against all other papillons that compete.

Dock Diving

Whether it be a lake, pond, river or pool, our dogs would live in the water if we let them. They love to retrieve toys, but also enjoy swimming on their own. We have done some training in dock diving and plan to compete in the future.


Outside of sports, our dogs love to be companions. All our dogs have amazing natural off switches that allow them to work and train all day one day and spend the day sleeping on the couch the next.


We are just beginning our conformation career. We are currently showing in AKC and are hoping to start UKC soon.

All of our dogs have been cleared of all health and genetic conditions through the recommended OFA and Embark/Paw Print Genetics testing for the papillon breed. All of our dogs have completed all health testing with their own CHIC number. Any dog that displays the “carrier” trait will never be bred to a dog containing the same “carrier”  trait, thereby eliminating the chance of the genetic disorder to occur. Navigate to the “Our Dogs” and click on each dog to view their health testing results.

To search CHIC numbers on OFA, you must go to the advanced search option. 
We breed to the Papillon breed standard in both temperament and structure of the dog while also working to maintain a high quality dog capable of being successful in any situation from sport to companion. All of our dogs have been tested under the AKC Temperament Test to prove their soundness against a variety of stimuli and situations. All of our dogs are also tested in the AKC Farm Dog Certification, proving soundness and stability in a working farm environment.  

***Journey does not have her ATT yet because the test is only offered 2x a year in our area and she was 10 days too young when we did the first test of the year***

The Papillon Club of America’s breed temperament is as follows “Happy, Alert, and Friendly”. Our papillons love every person they meet and are exceptional with children. Papillons do tend to be more alert and like to vocalize their feelings. This voice can be trained to be kept under control and manageable, but they do tend to vocalize their enjoyment in certain activities and alertness in new areas. 
Every aspect of our puppy raising program is there to help set the puppies up for the rest of their lives. From 3 day old-2 weeks, the puppies are exposed to early neurological stimulation including touching of the feet with a cotton swab, being held on their sides and back, and exposure to temperatures both hot and cold. Throughout the remainder of the time our puppies are with us, they are exposed to a variety of surfaces. This includes but is not limited to hard wood floods, carpet, grass, rock, pavement and concrete, moving surfaces such as low teeters, wobble boards and surfaces, crunchy plastic, and more. Our puppies also begin crate training around 5 weeks old. We start feeding in the crates individually, and by the times the puppies go home, they are comfortable and trained to eat and sleep throughout the night in their individual crates.

Our puppies are also exposed to different animals including large and small dogs that live in the house and cats. Puppies are also started on a “Puppy, puppy, puppy” recall that can be transferred to their name once they go home. We also desensitize our puppies to regular grooming practices including routine baths, brushing, feet trimming, mouth exams, and nail trims.

Our puppies go home with their first round of shots as well as a microchip pre-registered to us. You are able to add new owners to the microchip, however, our name will permanently be on the chip in case there ever were an issue and the puppy needed to come back. 
First and foremost, our dogs are part of our family and always will be. When you purchase a puppy, you and the puppy will have lifetime support from us as you are now a member of our family. We prove our dogs in a variety of sports and complete the full health and genetic testing through OFA and Embark that is recommended for the papillon breed. Because our dogs excel in a variety of activities and have stable temperaments, not only do they make great sport and show dogs, but great companions as a byproduct of their out standing genetics.

We breed to the AKC Papillon breed standard and all of our dogs follow the standard temperament “Happy, Alert, and Friendly“ as quoted from the AKC.

All of our puppy buyers have to go through a screening and application process. On agreement of puppy purchase, we require a signed contract that includes health guarantees, puppy and adult dog returns if anything were to happen, lifetime support, and much more. Our puppies are only sold with limited registration. This means they are AKC registered and can compete in every event, but they do not come with breeding rights.

Our dogs truly are our family, and we will stand by any puppy we breed and their owners because they too, are now part of our family.
No, we do not ship our puppies. We will meet any puppy buyer at the Indianapolis International Airport or up to 90 minutes one way for puppy drop off. Although we offer these options, our preferred method of puppy pick up is meeting at our home.
We price our puppies around $3,000. We raise all of our puppies on early neurological stimulation and scent programs as well as expose them to many different novel things throughout their puppyhood. All of our parents are OFA and embark health tested with numerous titles in different sports. This prices includes AKC registration, microchipping with us as a permanent contact, puppy records, go home bags, puppy shots, and lifelong support from us for whatever you need at whatever stage in your puppy’s life!

Please remember that by a well bred dog is an investment!
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Journey x Outside Stud

Planned Breeding December 2024

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Before contacting us, please make sure that you have read through all of the FAQs as these are important details of our program.