Our dogs participate in both Toss and Fetch and UpDog frisbee organizations.


Journey currently competed in AKC and UKI agility

Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt is a sport that works off a dog’s natural instinct to find an alert to rats, simulating a ratting dog in a farm or working environment. All of our dogs immediately took to this sport with strong instincts and high prey drive.


FastCAT is a sport that times the dogs chasing and hunting capabilities with a timed 100 yard dash. They are then ranked against all other papillons that compete.

Dock Diving

Whether it be a lake, pond, river or pool, our dogs would live in the water if we let them. They love to retrieve toys, but also enjoy swimming on their own. We have done some training in dock diving and plan to compete in the future.


Outside of sports, our dogs love to be companions. All our dogs have amazing natural off switches that allow them to work and train all day one day and spend the day sleeping on the couch the next.